The Cox Lab believes in the power of equity, justice, and individual expression. We stand with Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and actively voice our support in their demands for justice. We acknowledge that institutions of science and academic research are not immune to racism, where whiteness and BIPOC exclusion is pervasive, and we are committed to countering it. Likewise, we welcome scientists of all identities and are committed to creating a collaborative lab environment inclusive to BIPOC, queer, trans, and non-binary individuals. We understand the necessity of amplifying the voices of those at the intersection of marginalized communities and identities, especially those from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ individuals. We commit to the ongoing critical assessment of our role in perpetuating the inaccessibility of academia to BIPOC, and to taking actionable steps to bring about justice in the academic landscape.

Read more about the Cox Lab's Commitment to Racial Justice, a living document containing actionable steps toward making our lab and our field more equitable for all scientists. It also contains links to several resources for learning and getting involved with anti-racism work in your community. Explore UCB-specific resources from the MCB and PMB departments.

Also take advantage of this comprehensive anti-racism resource document for more suggestions for podcasts, books, films, and television shows to deepen our anti-racism work.