Congratulations Jon!

Jonathan Budzik, a Cox lab postdoctoral fellow, took part in the challenge to design a low-cost ventilator during the recent Covid-19 Hackathon! The team received a prize from the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub to invest in bringing their projects to fruition. Jon’s diverse team members were Eric Bennett, from Frontier Bio, Winnie Liang, from Neptune Fluid Flow Systems, environmental scientist Michael Salisbury, and Annesya Banerjee and Achal Nilhani, who are both students in Electrical Engineering from Jadavpur University.

Congratulations Rita and Kelsey!

Rita McCall, a Cox lab graduate student, has just earned an NSF Graduate Research Fellowships Program Award for her proposed research project: “Uncovering the regulatory network that drives morphological fate switching in Mycobacterium avium”! Kelsey Hern, a Cox lab graduate rotation student, has also earned an honorable mention for this award for her proposed project: “Investigating the Role of Cyclic-di-GMP in Host-Phage Interactions”!